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At the heart of NuIQ's products of offerings is Q-Notes, a powerful feature designed with the needs of therapists in mind. Q-Notes either listens in during therapy sessions or takes uploaded audio recordings to create impeccably structured, insurance-friendly notes.

Leaning on cutting-edge technology, Q-Notes meticulously transcribes and categorizes each point discussed, saving therapists invaluable time and energy. It creates an organized, easy-to-read transcript, ensuring every detail is captured.

Insurance claims become a smoother process with Q-Notes' detailed and professional formatting, letting therapists focus more on their clients and less on paperwork.


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In the mentally charged, challenging world of mental health, the power of effective notes cannot be overstated. They are the backdrop for effective treatment, patient care continuity, and adherence to regulatory requirements. Amongst various note-taking formats exists SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan), a globally recognized standard. Despite varying specialties in the mental health field, the uniting thread we see is the ubiquitous use of SOAP notes. Let's explore how different types of mental health professionals leverage NuIQ's Q-Notes for SOAP style documentation.

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