Say Goodbye to Repetitive Form Filling with Q-Forms by NuIQ

Q-Notes Prepares Session Notes For Therapists

Does the prospect of filling out the same client form for the hundredth time make you crave a more straightforward process? With Q-Forms, part of the innovative NuIQ suite of solutions, we've compiled a technological tool to tackle this head-on. We've transformed tedious form filling into an automated process, giving you back some much-needed time in your days.

Send Us Your Preferred Form

To get started with Q-Forms, first send your most frequently used form as an attachment to By doing this, our team can integrate the specific form into our system backend. We want your form inside Q-Forms so that your routine stays familiar and nothing but the time-consuming process of filling them out changes.

Talk Through Your Form – We’ll do the Rest!

Like Q-Notes, Q-Forms is designed to transcribe audio files or direct recordings into the fields of your form. This can be done using the audio recording feature on your phone. Simply start a new audio clip discussing the details that need to go into the form fields. Remember, like all good recordings, ensure your microphone picks up everything clearly by placing your phone correctly for optimal audibility.

Alternatively, you could use the 'Record' button directly within the Q-Forms interface to start capturing what's needed within the form. Make sure you discuss subject areas relevant to each field of the form in your recording.

Wave Magic with your Voice and See Your Forms Completed

Upon finishing the recording, either upload this audio file or stop the direct recording to submit it to Q-Forms. That's when Q-Forms works its magic! Using cutting edge technology, it takes this raw audio data and uses it to auto-fill your forms with accurate information from your dictated recording.

Q-Forms effectively transposes your spoken details into the correct spaces on your form - you'll never have to type out the same details again and again!

Look Forward to More Time and Less Tedious Admin Work

In summary, let Q-Forms take the administrative burden of repetitive form filling from your daily routine. With Q-Forms, you record, we transcribe. And just like that, you have a completed form, ready for onward processing. You'll get more time to focus on providing top-notch therapy, while our robust technology handles the administrative load. Q-Forms is all about creating a seamless experience for therapists, streamlining efficiencies and drastically reducing paperwork hassles in your practice.